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NAACP raises more concerns over Richmond Juvenile Detention Center

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RICHMOND, VA (WTVR) - The head of the Virginia State Conference of the NAACP alleged training for staff remained inadequate at the Richmond Juvenile Detention Center.

“We are going to call the U.S. Department of Justiceand the U.S. Attorney for the Eastern District to find out and to get to the bottom of this cesspool of corruption,” said Virginia State Conference NAACP Executive Director King Salim Khalfani.Khalfani has called the conditions at the Richmond Juvenile Detention Center, inexcusable, pertaining to safety and security.

“All locks have not been repaired, surveillance cameras are still not repaired.   As recently as last Thursday, there was another melee where a staff member was sent to the emergency room along with a resident,” said Khalfani.  “Nothing has changed.”

For months the juvenile center has been under intense investigation from the city regarding the wrongdoings.

But for Khalfani there is not only a need to improve the facility, but to upgrade training tactics for the staff.

“Most of the employees at the detention center have not had these training, they have had hurried; uncertified training,” said Khalfani.

The alleged “hurried” training has Khalfani questioning whether the makeup of the residents and staff, is making it difficult to get things done.

“The question begs, because 99 percent of the residents are African,” said Khalfani.  “99 percent of the employees and staff are African.   If the numbers were reversed, would we get action?”

A statement was released from Mayor Dwight C. Jones regarding the State Department of Juvenile Justice report on the City of Richmond’s Juvenile Detention Center.

“I have reviewed the initial report from the state.  The report indicates we are making progress on addressing those issues that have been brought to our attention.  However, I remain very troubled by the uncertainty regarding the staff training issues and adequate documentation.  Moreover, the charges of forgery, if true, will not be tolerated.  We will get to the bottom of this issue and hold those responsible accountable to the highest degree.  As such, the City has already been in touch with the Commonwealth Attorney’s office and they have our full support with an investigation.”

King Salim Khalfani added if nothing is done by the city, he is prepared to take his concerns to the federal level.