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  • New bill would make texting while driving primary offense

    A bill making its way through the State Capitol would make texting a primary offense.

  • Police: Speeding, texting while driving likely contributed to deadly accident

    Police release the identities of the persons involved in deadly accident on Chippenham Parkway.

  • Minister starts petition after niece’s texting death

    The violent images of the crash on the Chippenham Parkway have shaken the minister to his core.

  • Rep. Eric Cantor talks about Virginia Tech on House floor

    WASHINGTON, D.C. (WTVR) – House Majority Leader Congressman Eric Cantor released the following statement upon learning of the shooting at Virginia Tech: “We are all saddened and stunned to hear about the tragedy at Virginia Tech today.  Such violence is never easy to explain, and cuts to our core – especially on a campus that has experienced such grief in the past.  Our thoughts and prayers go out to the victims, their families and the entire Hokie Community.  We also pray […]

  • Redskins’ Santana Moss visits kids at Thomas Jefferson High

    RICHMOND, VA (WTVR) – Redskins’ wide receiver Santana Moss stopped by Thomas Jefferson High School with Lieutenant Governor Bill Bolling Tuesday morning. The visit was part of an effort to help educate teens about money. In fact, Bolling and Moss introduced Visa’s new online game that tests teens about good financial decisions. Moss and the Redskins are coming off another loss. The latest defeat to the Patriots guaranteed the team a third straight losing season.

  • Spielberg’s “Lincoln” cast and crew move to Petersburg

    PETERSBURG, VA (WTVR) – Two business owners in Petersburg, Virginia tell CBS 6 say they are not thrilled that Steven Spielberg and the cast and crew of his new movie about Abraham Lincoln moved in for the holidays. The movie crew has taken over parts of Old Towne Petersburg during a time some store and restaurant owners call critical for the survival of their businesses. Upset owners said the movie production is taking up parking spaces used by potential customers. […]

  • Cell phone driving ban

    RICHMOND (WTVR) – Your cell phone is not your BFF behind the wheel. That is the message from the Feds. The National Transportation Safety Board is urging states to ban all texting – emailing – or chatting on the phone, even hands-free, while driving. Declaring them – too dangerous. NTSB Chairwoman Deborah Hersman acknowledged that complying would involve changing what has become ingrained behavior for many Americans. “We’re not here to win a popularity contest,” she said. “No email, no […]

  • Gov. wants to make college more affordable for VA students

    RICHMOND, VA (WTVR) – Governor Bob McDonnell unveiled a proposal Wednesday he said will help lower the cost of going to college in Virginia. The governor said increasing higher education funding is one of the biggest goals for his administration. McDonnell said a group of key state lawmakers in both houses worked on the plan t help reduce the debt burden for college students trying to survive in a tight economy. [BONUS: Read more about governor’s plan] “I think this […]

  • Gun used in NY cop’s murder traced to Colonial Heights pawnshop

    COLONIAL HEIGHTS, VA (WTVR) – The gun used in the murder of a New York police officer Monday was traced to a Colonial Heights pawnshop. However, NYPD Police Commissioner Ray Kelly said the 9-mm Ruger that killed Officer Peter Figoski was stolen. “Through the course of our investigation, we were able to establish the gun used in officer Figoski’s death had been sold by a pawn shop in Colonial Heights, Virginia in 1999,” said Kelly. However, it remains unclear how […]

  • Wrongfully imprisoned man disappointed with proposed $800,000 payout

    RICHMOND, VA (WTVR) – In March 2011, Thomas Haynesworth, 46,  was released from a Virginia prison after he spent 27 years behind bars for crimes he did not commit. In January 2012, Haynesworth learned State Senator Henry Marsh submitted a bill to the 2012 Virginia General Assembly that would authorize the state pay Haynesworth $796,428. Haynesworth told CBS 6 Reporter Shelby Brown his initial reaction was disappointment when he learned about the amount. “Shocked. I was just shocked you know […]

  • Lieutenant Governor Bolling chides Attorney General Cuccinelli

    RICHMOND, VA (WTVR) – Virginia Lieutenant Governor Bill Bolling chided Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli in a statement released to the media. Bolling stated he agreed with the attorney general’s decision to delay his quest to change Virginia election. However the lieutenant governor went on to question Cuccinelli’s initial tactics. “Going forward, I would also encourage Attorney General Cuccinelli to avoid making public statements that criticize our state election laws while his office is defending the State Board of Elections […]

  • Dr. Bob on Iowa, the Bolling – Cuccinelli feud and Eric Cantor

    RICHMOND, VA (WTVR) – Dr. Bob Holsworth appeared on the CBS 6 News at 5:30 on Tuesday, January 3, 2012. He and CBS 6 Anchor Sam Brock spoke about the Iowa caucus, the growing feud between Virginia Republican rivals Bill Bolling and Ken Cuccinelli and House Majority Leader Eric Cantor‘s recent appearance on CBS 60 Minutes. You can watch Dr. Holsworth’s interview in the video box at the top of the page.

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