Rare type of flu particularly affecting children

The CDC released a report on Friday saying that a rare strain of influenza is particularly severe among children this flu season.

According to the CDC, the influenza B virus infection is more common among children and can cause complications, sometimes resulting in deaths.

According to CDC figures, 18 deaths among children are attributable to the influenza B strain from September through December.

A CDC expert told the Washington Post that despite this year’s flu vaccine not being a match with this particular strain of the flu, a vaccine could still be beneficial.

“They are close enough so the vaccine offers some protection,” Lynnette Brammer told the Washington Post .

The last time influenza B was the predominant strain of the flu was the 1992-93 season.

“Influenza activity is expected to continue for many weeks in the United States; additional hospitalizations and deaths, including among children, are expected to occur,” the CDC said.

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