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How this surprise will let more children know they are not alone

RICHMOND, Va. -- After more than a decade as a social worker, Caroline Neal said she couldn’t stop trying to help the thousands of children in the Virginia foster care system. As Greg McQuade discovered, this full-time mom with three young children, is a shining star in the galaxy of “Heroes Among Us.”

Neal started “Worthdays,” a non-profit that provides our most vulnerable citizens with a birthday party, a celebration, a ride, anything to let them know they are not alone, and they are “worthy.”

Worthy of our love and attention, to help them, one day, find a permanent, loving home.

So Bill Fitzgerald found it an easy choice to surprise her with his turn during our Month of Giving program.

He and photojournalist Chris Norton surprised her at her makeshift Chesterfield headquarters with children’s clothes, a blanket, and gift cards.

She will use the gifts to let more children know they are not alone and that we see them.

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