Petersburg taxpayer concerned after discovering city-owned items in park

PETERSBURG, Va. -- A Petersburg Taxpayer has concerns after a recent walk through a city park revealed, what he says, appears to be expensive city-owned items, tossed in a wood line near a playground.

"Why are we having valuable assets lying in the grass?" asked Marcus Squires.

Marcus Squires

The Petersburg resident said he found what appears to be new, reproduction lamp posts, laying in weeds.

"They are still in the wrappers, they cost online, I did a quick search, they're about $2,000 apiece," said Squires.

The property where he discovered the discarded lamp posts, street lights, and traffic signals was next to the Wilcox Lake Pavilion, at one time the old storage area for the city's traffic division.

CBS 6 reached out to the city. They sent us a statement that read:

"The items stored near Wilcox Lake are mostly inoperable surplus items. The city is currently developing a plan to clear this area and properly dispose of the surplus items. At this time, the city will continue to use this area for traffic control supply."

To that, Squires had a simple request.

"If they are trash, then throw them away. They don't need to be laying in the woods," he added.

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