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Shaynefully Delicious Chaffles

RICHMOND, VA – Shayne Rogers joins us today to whip up some delicious ‘Chaffles,’ a keto diet friendly egg and cheese waffle sandwich. See the recipe below:


 For each Chaffle sandwich you will need.

 2 eggs, beaten

¼ – ½ c shredded cheese


Sandwich fillings


Sausage patties

Sliced turkey

Sliced cheese

Cured meats

Any other items you would like in your sandwich


You will need a small waffle iron to make these.



Pre heat mini waffle iron or griddle for at least 5 minutes before you start.  Spray iron with non-stick coating, sprinkle ¼ of the cheese on bottom of iron, top with half of the beaten egg and sprinkle another ¼ of the cheese on top.  Cook until crispy.  Usually the light on the top of the waffle iron is a good indication, but you may like them crispier.  Give it a check and decide what you like.  Repeat the process for the other half of your sandwich.  Fill with anything you like.  I make a breakfast sandwich and eat it warm with sausage and cheese.  If you let the chaffles cool, you could make a delicious dinner sandwich with turkey, cheese, mayo and spinach.  Let your preferences be your guide.

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