Various styles of Richmond hip hop takeover The Broadberry

RICHMOND, Va. — Richmond’s hip-hop will come together for a good cause Friday night.

The “From The 4 With Love: A Unity Hip Hop Concert” — scheduled to take place at The Broadberry — will showcase more than 15 Richmond hip-hop acts ranging from the smashmouth yet versatile styles of Gritty City artists Rah Scrilla and Reppa Ton, to the lavish sounds of Ndefru, to the gospel/hip hop fusion of artist Corey Goss.

“I like the direction not only Richmond, but Virginia hip hop is going in general and wanted to show that,” organizer Noah O said. “However things are very fractured and rap has so many sub genres and communities that don’t necessarily interact with one another. I like it all and believe it’s all hip hop at the end of the day and wanted to bring all of these worlds together.”

A portion of Friday night’s proceeds will benefit Community 50/50, non-profit organization helping the city through various community empowering efforts. The organization held a “Youth Music Showcase” for city youth this past July.

Advance tickets for Friday’s show cost $10. The price is $15 at the door.

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