Jennifer McClellan concerned about power balance headed into 2019 election

RICHMOND, Va. -- While much the country's political focus is on the 2020 presidential race, Virginia's November elections will see every seat in the Virginia General Assembly up for grabs. CBS 6 invited the candidates from each Senate and House district in the Richmond Metro area to talk about their campaigns.

Sen. Jennifer McClellan, a Democrat who represents Virginia's 9th Senate District, said the 2019 election is about the balance of power in Virginia.

"[This election] is really about continuing the progress that we have made, but we still have so much more to do," Sen. McClellan said during her Battleground Virginia interview on CBS 6 News at 7. "The majority is at stake. And there are so many issues where we have not been able to go as far as we could to make Virginia a better place, based on who is in the majority."

McClellan said finding ways to fully fund education remained a focus of her time in office.

She is running against Libertarian candidate Mark Lewis.

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