Your retirement investment update: The state of stocks and the ‘inverted yield curve’

RICHMOND, Va. -- The stock market has had a rough time in the month of August, so far.

After a robust 2019 all the way through mid-summer, President Trump’s threats of further tariffs on Chinese goods, Germany’s acknowledgement that it could be headed into recession, and other shaky indicators have made for a tumultuous month.

Then came word Tuesday from the bond market that the “yield curve” had “inverted.” Suddenly – or not so suddenly for those like Sandy Wiggins from ACG Wealth Management who had been paying attention - when investors were scrambling to get out of equities and into bonds, the long-term outlook turned bleak.

At that moment, short-term Treasury bills paid more to investors than longer-term T-notes, because demand was outstripping supply and driving the price up.

Could the US be headed in the near future for a recession? And what does that mean for your retirement and your nest egg?

Wiggins visited the CBS-6 studio Thursday to discuss the state of the markets and how best to maintain your retirement strategy. Take a listen.

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