Police conduct drill at Henrico courts building: ‘There is NO active shooter’

HENRICO COUNTY, Va. -- Law enforcement and first responders put on a full-scale drill to practice responding to an active shooter in Henrico County Saturday morning.

Officials said the drill is a continuation of exercises happening throughout the region, in which several different settings such as schools and other buildings have been used.

Saturday's drill was at the county's Courts Building on E. Parham Road.

"THIS IS ONLY AN EXERCISE! There is NO active shooter," Officials noted on the Henrico County Police Facebook page.

Officials said the goal was to test procedures that they would put into action in case of an actual threat.

"As a region and in Henrico, we'll continue to talk with all of our partners to make sure that this response is applicable anywhere that it would happen in the county,” Henrico County Emergency Management Coordinator Emily Ashley said.

Officials said some of the specifics they examine in the drill included how well first responders communicated with each other and how much time it takes them to complete the drill.

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