It’s National Avocado Day and Chipotle won’t charge you extra for guac

In honor of National Avocado Day, Chipotle won’t charge extra for gua-as long as you don’t order in person.

Take heart, avocado-loving consumers who begrudgingly empty your pockets for Chipotle guacamole: The chain hears you, and it’s offering your wallet a momentary reprieve.

In honor of National Avocado Day, the chain won’t charge extra for guac—as long as you don’t order in person.

On Wednesday, Chipotle customers who order online or in the app won’t pay when they add guacamole to their entree. (Sorry, in-store customers. Here’s hoping your patience for managing store-snaking lines will be honored one day, too.)

Giving away guac is an anomaly for the fast food giant, which typically charges almost $2 for a scoop on top of a burrito bowl or on the side with chips (which cost extra, too.)

Avocado prices have steadily increased for years, largely because they’re alternate bearing crops, which means crop sizes can be large one year and small the next. And demand for the mushy, green goodness doesn’t stop when its crop doesn’t grow.

The pricey fruit is often blamed for millennial Americans’ financial woes. Avocado toast was famously targeted by an Australian millionaire who claimed 20-somethings don’t buy homes because they’re spending too much to smear the spread on bread.

Chipotle will reinstate guacamole prices starting Thursday. But for just one day, we can dream of a utopia where it never cost extra to begin with.

For those unsatisfied with avocado costs, consider taking Oprah’s lead and growing your own.

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