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Missing Powhatan man found dead in Louisa ditch; suspect captured in New York

LOUISA COUNTY, Va. – A missing Powhatan man has been found dead in a Louisa County and the man investigators believed killed him is in police custody in New York.

The body of 23-year-old Terrell Bailey was discovered on June 22 on the side of the road in a ditch line near a driveway. The body was discovered by a worker on a nearby farm who had come out to the road to check the mail.

CBS 6 first reported Bailey’s disappearance last week, when his parents contacted CBS 6 Problem Solvers desperate for answers. Bailey was last seen on June 18.

Louisa and Powhatan county sheriff’s offices identified Bailey’s roommate, Anthony J. Davenport, 25, as a suspect in the case.

Terrell Bailey

Maj. Donald Lowe with the Louisa County Sheriff’s Office says Davenport fled leaving his vehicle behind.

“The reason why we needed to have the secrecy on this… once we developed a suspect. It was important for us, we knew the suspect was probably on the run, we needed time to track him. We needed time to collect some evidence. We needed time to do some search warrants,” said Lowe.

“We wanted him to not know that Mr. Bailey was discovered in Louisa County,” he added.

Detectives from Louisa, Powhatan and the US Marshals Service tracked Davenport north at a relative home in Poughkeepsie, New York.

Davenport was taken into custody on Thursday, June 27, without incident.

Anthony J. Davenport

“We had a small window of opportunity to do this before the public knew about it and evidence was destroyed,” said Lowe.

Davenport is being held on charges for armed robbery and malicious wounding in a separate case in Powhatan.

He will also be charged with murder in Louisa County, according to Lowe. Additional charges may be pending in both counties, he added.

Lowe says Davenport will be extradited from New York to Powhatan County on July 15.

Davenport's vehicle, a gray in color 2003 Ford Taurus, has since been recovered but investigators are still looking for any information about the vehicle being in Louisa County on June 18 and 19. The vehicle has damage to the front quarter panel on the driver's side.

If anyone observed this vehicle in Louisa County, contact the Louisa County Sheriff’s Office 540-967-1234.

Family desperate for answers

The family of 23-year-old Terrell Bailey reached out to the CBS 6 Problem Solvers in hopes of getting some answers that could help bring him home.

Tracy Bailey and his family were baffled about his son Terrell’s bizarre disappearance on June 18.

He and his wife Tiffany and their family who contacted police said as of Monday, June 24, there were no leads that they were aware of.

After days without answers, the family took to social media for help and to the streets.

“We’ve been to parks. We’ve been knocking on doors, showing his picture,” said his father Tracy.

Terrell Bailey and dad

Tracy says the last text messages he shared with Terrell was on the night of Tuesday, June 18. After that, nothing.

He says he and his wife went to the Powhatan home where Terrell was staying in and was told the friend put him out after a disagreement. Dad says he also reached out to a girlfriend.

Tracy says the family received differing stories on who last saw Terrell.

“I just believe that there’s more to the story. That they know where he is and the stories are not adding up,” said Tiffany.

His dad says what was even more strange is Terrell didn’t show up for his job, not even to pick up his check. When they tried to get his cell phone information, they found out someone deleted his iCloud.

“For his iCloud to be deleted… that’s just out of the norm. Him not texting back, him not calling, and him not showing up for work and not picking up his check, because we all need our money” said Tiffany.

At the time of the interview, Powhatan Sheriff’s investigators said they couldn’t talk specifics about Terrell’s disappearance because they were in the middle of the investigation and were following several leads.

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