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RICHMOND, Va. -- A Richmond mother is upset after she says she has encountered several dogs without a leash in her South Side neighborhood.

"I would say about 5 months ago was when it really picked up on loose dogs on not just this street but surrounding streets," said the mother.

The mother, who wants to remain anonymous, told CBS 6 that some dogs were on the loose in the Swansboro neighborhood in South Richmond.

"Recently a child was not bitten but chased by a pit bull in the area and that was just scary because we didn't know if a bite was going to happen," she said.

The mother says she has talked with some dog owners in the neighborhood and claims one neighbor won't put a leash on their pet despite her concerns.

"Before every time, he told me that to not worry about it but the dog seemed a little more aggressive one day," she added. "And the dogs looked like they were thinking about lunging towards us. They didn't actually, he yelled at me okay stay still and that put me into feeling kind of upset and scared."

Richmond dog laws say all dogs have to be properly restrained whenever they're off property.

Kimara Hill has a dog - and lives in the same neighborhood.

"I agree with neighbors having their dogs on a leash, I definitely agree with that. What I don't agree with is having a dog on a leash and you're in your own yard," said Hill.

But the concerned mom just wants dog owners to be aware.

"It's caused me major stress because I am constantly thinking, 'oh is this the day that a bites going to happen,'" added the mother.

Richmond Animal Control said they have received several complaints but say they cannot do anything unless they actually see the dogs. They say they have also increased patrols throughout the area.

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