Big Feet Meet brings inclusive Olympics to Hanover schools

HANOVER COUNTY, Va. -- Springtime means fun times for a lot of kids. Students of all abilities had some fun in the sun recently. Hanover County middle school students participated in the Big Feet Meet at Atlee High School.

Like the Olympic games that brings athletes from around the world together, the Big Feet Meet in Hanover also started with a torch.  And no matter their abilities, the students participated in races and games.

Special educator Amy Gregory will tell you just how much it meant to her students.

"My students work so hard in the classroom academically all year and so they look forward to this event," she said. "They like to come out here, and because of the inclusive nature of the event, they like to participate with their peers."

Amy Gregory

At Chickahominy Middle School, students with special needs are paired with student participating in the TILT program.  TILT stands for "Teens Interacting and Learning Together."

"Our TILT program is trained in working with children with disabilities so they're out here today and they get to enjoy this with their friends," Ms. Gregory said.

While it's fun, it's also educational.

The hope is that all students will have a better understanding that we all have diverse abilities.

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