Prepare to pay even more at Richmond’s most expensive toll

RICHMOND, Va. — Drivers who take the Pocahontas Parkway (895) should be prepared to pay a little more at the toll.

The toll for two-axle vehicles (that’s most cars) is now $4.50 at the Main Toll Plaza and $2.60 at the Laburnum/New Market and Airport Drive ramp toll points.

The toll used to be $4.30 and $2.45, respectively.

The tolls for six-axle vehicles (like a large tractor trailer) is nearly $9.

Pocahontas Parkway is a privately-owned highway and relies on the tolls to maintain and operate the road.

“Pocahontas Parkway provides the fastest, most reliable connection between the southwest and western portions of Greater Richmond to the eastern portions of the region,” a spokesperson for Globalvia, the company that manages the parkway, said. “It also provides a fast connection with I-64 and I-295 and it’s the fastest route to Richmond International Airport for those coming from Southside Richmond, Chesterfield County, and other southern originations.”

The Pocahontas Parkway toll hit the $4 mark in 2016. It had been $3.25 before that toll hike.

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