Chesterfield School bus crash

Woman in Virginia Beach caught on camera stealing packages

VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. -- A woman in a Virginia Beach neighborhood was caught on camera rummaging through another woman's mailbox and stealing her mail and packages, WTKR reports.

Heather Caldon says her husband received a notification on his phone about someone being near their front door.

When he pulled up the app, he saw a woman getting away with mail: a clothing order and a prescription'

Caldon says she was able to cancel the clothing order that was stolen, but has to wait three months for the stolen medication to be re-filled.

"It was a huge surprise when I saw this woman coming up and she did it so nonchalantly, like she belonged there, which really bothered me"

Police say other neighbors in the area have reported similar thefts with a woman matching this description, and they hope to identify her soon.


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