Virginia flavors season this year’s Charleston Wine + Food

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Charleston Wine + Food (PHOTO: Arielle Simmons)

CHARLESTON,  South Carolina — “Eat It, Virginia!” is headed to Charleston Wine + Food! All week long, we will be posting updates about what’s happening in Charleston, South Carolina. The festival runs March 6 – 10.

We’ll follow Alex Graf and Chris Fultz of ZZQ as they take their award-winning barbecue on the road. We’ll also check in with Joy Crump of Foode and Mercantile in Fredericksburg.

To get ourselves prepared for the festival, we asked a few Charleston Wine + Food pros about what to expect, where to go and what to do when not attending the city-encompassing shindig.

First up, Liz Martin. Martin runs Charleston Weekender, a lifestyle website she launched in 2015. The CW and Martin’s intent? To make every day feel like the weekend.

Martin will be on the streets as part of the Charleston Wine + Food Street Team. The Street Team is a group of local food influencers who head to events and share their experiences.

She suggests while not at the festival trying restaurants a little off the beaten path, like Harold’s Cabin, Lewis BBQ, Leon’s, Home Team BBQ, or the Workshop.

“If you’re a true foodie, you can attempt to get a meal of a lifetime at places like Husk or Zero George Restaurant, “ Martin said with a reminder that these restaurants are typically booked in advance.

With true Southern charm (pun intended because Shep will be there?), she reminded us to get a few souvenirs to take home!

“The city market often has more generic touristy type stuff, so of course I have to recommend people come to my balloon/gift shop Cannonborough Collective, which only carries local brands,” she said.

Martin revealed a little insider information about where some celebrity sightings might happen (and we will talk more about that later this week as we get closer). The Today Show’s Kathie Lee and Hoda are planning on attending, along with a whole host of excellent award-winning chefs, wine-makers, distillers, brewers and more.

Her dress code is casual for most events with shoes made for walking and layers.

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