How Chesterfield family was reunited with dog missing more than two years

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CHESTERFIELD COUNTY, Va. - A Chesterfield family was reunited with their long lost pet after a more than two-year search.

Elaine Jackson recalled the moment she heard the good news.

“I received an email, and the email subject line was 'Roxy' and when I opened it up I was in shock," said Jackson.

Her dog Roxy ran away nearly three years ago, she said.

“She was outside in the back with my daughter's dog and they were playing. My daughter went in the house for something and came back and both dogs were gone. She called her dog and her dog came," said Jackson. "She called Roxy, Roxy never came."

Chesterfield Animal Services said they picked up Roxy Monday afternoon not too far from where she originally went missing. They scanned a micro-chip inside Roxie and located her family.

“It is the most important permanent way to identify an animal," said Chesterfield Animal Services Manager Carrie Jones. "A collar with a tag can always come off. It easily does all the time. A microchip does not come out. It is always in that animal and always registers to the owner."

Chesterfield Animal Services, as well as Jackson, believe Roxy may have been taken care of while she was gone since she gained some weight.

“When I seen her, I was like is that Roxy because she was so big, so much bigger than what she was," Jackson said.

And she still has the same heart as when she left.

"I mean she’s always there, she’s loving, she’s warm. She’s gentle and she’s the best pet, the best pet," said Jackson.

Chesterfield Animal Service encourages pet owners to get pets micro chipped in case they run off or go missing.

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