Grieving family wants answers in Valentine’s Day killing of father of six

RICHMOND, Va. -- On Valentine’s Day in the city's East End, many hearts in Curtis Murray's family broke. The father of six was shot and killed as he was hanging out with his boss after work.

Now five boys and a girl will live the rest of their lives without their father.

"They all lit up when they saw him," Breeze Murray, the victim’s sister, said.

Murray, 29, was killed after he had worked most of the day moving furniture in Richmond.

"No one deserves to go anywhere and be gunned down,” his sister said. “You can be anywhere you wanna’ be. That doesn't give anyone the right to do just whatever to you."

Murray had just walked through a nearby alley on Fairmount Avenue when he and another man were shot, Crime Insider sources said. The other man survived; Murray did not.

Those sources also said they don't believe Murray was the intended target. Now, the violence has left his family with an empty feeling.

"If the person that did this is watching, they need to know, it could've been them,” said Murray. “It could've been their family. How would they feel? You just don't take a person’s life. You just don’t."

As what they call a vicious cycle of violence churns on in Mosby Court, Curtis Murray's family vows that he will not be forgotten.

"Please come forward,” said Tamatica Murray, Curtis Murray’s mother. “We need some closure. This wasn't fair."

Crime Insider sources say investigators are following a few leads and would like to get more information to help close this case.

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