Richmond marchers demand Governor Northam’s resignation

RICHMOND, Va. — A group of people gathered at Monroe Park in Richmond on Monday to participate in the "March of Reckoning," a protest that demanded the resignation of Virginia Governor Ralph Northam.

Marchers carried signs -- advocating a variety of topics -- from the VCU Campus to Capitol Square.

Northam has insisted he had no plans to resign following his blackface yearbook photo scandal which made international headlines earlier this month.

"March of Reckoning" participants said they would not take no for an answer.

"As we know nationwide many folks have been pushing for Northam's resignation as well," organizer Rebbecca Keel said. "We’re on the ground we’re doing the work here. "

Keel said they've demanded Northam's resignation letter by Tuesday.

In an effort to move forward, Governor Northam will attend a justice event Thursday at Virginia Union University in Richmond.

VUU indicated the governor would attend, but not speak at, the event as "part of his promise to start a conversation about racial injustice and the need for reconciliation where he intends to listen, learn, and continue to grow as a leader."

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