Bullets fly in Petersburg in 3 separate incidents

PETERSBURG, Va -- At the gateway to the City of Petersburg a sign proclaims "Love."

But bullets flying over the weekend presented a much darker reality.

“First bullet came through here, right here and right there,” said Sherrell Brown, pointing to spots in the window and walls of her home. She said he was frustrated that, in all, 24 bullet fragments were removed from her walls in just over a week.

"They’re shooting my house up like this,” she said, shaking her head. “I just moved here."

Brown is a grandmother, who wanted to show the gunman what he almost did Sunday night: her six-year-old granddaughter and 14-month-old grandson were feet away from the first bullet that ripped through a window and wall.

“If someone is watching, please take heed that the people you are looking for do not live here anymore,” Brown said. “I have little kids here."

Brown lives in a house where a man was murdered and two others maimed in June, 2018.

Crime Insider sources believe the shooter was trying to intimidate witnesses linked to the man who was arrested in those crimes.

Melvin Myrick recently asked for a jury trial and pled not guilty to the charges.

Capt. Emmanuel Chambliss can't confirm the connection, but says this house has been shot up twice in eight days. “There was one in 1800 block of Varina - multiple shots fired into the residence,” Chambliss said. “No one was hurt. There was a second incident in the 1400 block of Hanover - multiple shots also shot into the residence with no one hurt."

Two dozen bullets, but they weren’t the only ones flying over the weekend.

A man was seriously wounded at a party on Perry Street, with others suffering minor injuries from shattered glass, and another man was wounded on Rome Street hours earlier.

As far as the shooting up of houses, Brown says whoever pulled the trigger there, has been inside the home before.

"They must've been in here before, because they always shoot through the kitchen and laundry room," said Brown.

If you know anything about the weekend shootings, call Petersburg’s tip line at 861-1212.

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