Police: Road rage leads to shooting

Park like this and face an ‘immediate’ $25 fine, police warn

ASHLAND, Va. — Police are warning drivers they now face a $25 fine for parking illegally in the town of Ashland after a recent update to the town code.

“Parking against the direction of traffic (driver side of vehicle against curb or side of roadway) is a traffic infraction. Those violating the ordinance will receive a parking ticket. The fine for parking against the direction of traffic is $25,” Ashland Police posted on Facebook. “Parking against the direction of traffic was a violation of Town Code in a previous ordinance but was left out during a revision. This update restores the original language to Town Code and enforcement will begin immediately.”

Ashland Police also wanted to remind drivers about other prohibited parking:

On a sidewalk or pedestrian walkway

In front of a private driveway

Within an intersection

Within fifteen (15) feet of a fire hydrant or the entrance to a fire station

Within twenty (20) feet from the intersection of curb lines or, if none then within fifteen (15) feet of the intersection of property lines at any highway intersection

At any place contrary to the direction of a police officer

At any place where official signs prohibit parking

In any direction that is not the same as the direction of traffic

Anyone with questions should call the Ashland Police Department at 804-412-0600.

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