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Mayor Stoney says phone call with Lt. Gov. Fairfax about sexual allegations ‘became heated’

RICHMOND, Va. -- Lt. Governor Justin Fairfax is accused of sexual assault and hinted that Richmond's Mayor, Levar Stoney may be involved in leaking the information to the press. But the mayor told CBS 6, he 100 percent did not leak any sexual allegations.

CBS 6 spoke with the mayorWednesday night, right before his Education Compact meeting at the Richmond Library. Mayor Stoney said he reached out to Fairfax Monday evening to explain that he had nothing to do with the allegations against him. That phone call then turned heated, according to Stoney.

"It did become heated. I called, initiated the call to inform the lieutenant governor that we, my team, me personally, had nothing to do with the allegations," said Mayor Stoney. "The leak. And I wanted him to know, unequivocally that I had nothing to do with it."

Mayor Stoney also told CBS 6, that Mark Herring called him today apologizing for wearing black face at a college party. Stoney said he could feel his shame but it doesn't make it right.

The mayor also went on to say everyone needs to respect Fairfax's accuser Vanessa Tyson and that women should be believed when they come forward with such accusations.


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