‘Time machine’ helps teach history in Hanover

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HANOVER COUNTY, Va. -- Stonewall Jackson Middle School teacher Kim McQuillen is using something very cool to teach history; a time machine! She got the idea to use it while at a Social Studies teacher conference.

Ms. Kim McQuillen

"I met Professor Bernard Means from VCU's Virtual Creation Lab," Ms. McQuillen said. "He handed me this artifact that was a copy of a point or arrowhead that was found in the remains of one of the Jamestown settlers."

She didn’t have to build the time machine.

It was already at her school.

"I knew that our library had a 3D printer, so I started emailing him and asking, 'Do you think we could do this at our school?'" she said.

By accessing VCU’s Virtual Creation Lab, Ms. McQuillen can create replicas of archaeological finds, animal bones, or tools used by our country's founders.

Today, students are holding replicas of tobacco pipes and wig rolling pins that George and Martha Washington may have used.

"It helps them connect with the past in a more meaningful way.  And that's why we're promoting it and I keep doing more and more of it when I can," she said.

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Watch for Building Better Minds each Wednesday on CBS 6 News at 6 a.m. and 6 p.m.

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