Officers mourn loss of Krispy Kreme doughnut truck

LEXINGTON, Kent. – Police officers in Lexington, Kentucky went viral after their response to a fire that destroyed a Krispy Kreme doughnuts truck and the doughnuts inside.

Police said the truck driver noticed smoke billowing from the rear of the truck,” according to WLEX. The driver pulled over and safely escaped as all the doughnuts inside the truck were destroyed.

Lexington Police officers mourned the loss of the doughnuts in a social media post that is making waves across the internet for all the right reasons.

The department posted an image of heartbroken officers with the caption, “No words.”

The photos show the officer pretending to cry, devastated at the loss of their beloved Krispy Kreme treats.

The University of Kentucky Police Department chimed in with a message of support.

“We feel your loss. We donut know what else to say,” the post read.

Police are still investigating the cause of the fire.

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