Neighbors concerned about large flock of vultures loafing near Randolph-Macon College: ‘I’ve counted 75’

ASHLAND, Va. – Ashland Police are warning residents and students of a large flock of vultures near Randolph-Macon College and in the area of the College Park neighborhood.

Police say the vultures are “loafing” in the area and could cause property damage to homes and cars.

"At first it was maybe a dozen or two in the woods around here, but since earlier this fall, it seems to be many dozens," resident Michael Wiken said. "The top number I've counted is 75."

The police department says they will conduct a vulture nuisance abatement effort in the area over the next two weeks. They will use noise-makers and other tools to deter the vultures from lingering and encourage the flock of vultures to move on safely without harming them.

"When I see them, they're landing on the 2 houses that you have in the background here. They land on top of the houses, they land on the porch, they land on the handrails, they land where ever they want," Wilken said.

Police are advising residents that they will hear "booming" or other sounds effects at various points throughout this time period.

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