CBS 6 Month of Giving surprising some aspiring artists

RICHMOND, Va.-- Oakwood Arts + P35, a new place-based arts initiative in Richmond's East End.

This non-profit is based on an arts center and gallery on 35th and P Streets, Oakwood Arts + P35,  the aim is to bring together creative professionals, international artists, and members of the community to engage with art in all its forms. Through exhibitions, visiting artists, film screenings, workshops, lectures, mentoring, and networking events, Oakwood Arts will plant the seeds of artistic entrepreneurship and help open doors to jobs in creative fields. Just as important, it will serve as a much-needed inclusive space in a rapidly changing neighborhood for economically and culturally diverse neighbors to gather, interact, and learn from one another.

To volunteer, donate and for more details visit or visit Oakwood Arts + P35 Facebook page.