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Why this dad and daughter wait until the last-minute to Christmas shop

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RICHMOND, Va. -- With just hours left in the Christmas countdown, shoppers continued to fill stores and malls Monday looking for some last-minute Christmas gifts and deals.

Jennifer Campbell said she got out bright and early to beat the rush.

"I was just at Target. I’d just been at two other places and now I’m going to Barnes and Noble," she said. And added that she saw a few people with carts stacked to the hilt.

Campbell said she's usually not a last minute kind of person.

"Most of it's done early, but I'm always trying to think of some last-minute things," she said.

But for a father/daughter duo, also leaving Target early Monday morning, waiting until the last day isn't just the norm, it's tradition.

"We do it every year for the last four years," Tom Shields, who was standing beside his 12-year-old daughter Lydia, said.

In fact, Shields said this year, the pair was actually ahead of schedule.

"We’ve never been out this early before," Lydia said.

"We got an early start," Tom added.

Shields said sometimes procrastinating comes with mishaps like forgetting something or buying the wrong size. While the gifts might not always be perfect, he said he's taking the day to do what matters most.

"We have fun, we laugh. We're kind of hurried around -- and knowing Christmas is tomorrow -- it’s a lot of fun to be together," Shields said.

said the most important part of the season, is spending time with loved-ones -- even if it means spending it doing some last-minute shopping.

"I think it’s great for families around this time to get together and be together," he said.

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