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These Central Virginia national parks will close over government shutdown

PETERSBURG, Va. -- Billowing above one of Central Virginia's most historic places, the American flag reminds visitors that the Petersburg National Battlefield is a national park funded by the U.S. government.

"It's hallowed ground," Donald Wright, who frequently runs through the battlefield, said.

"We were just looking for national parks on the route to North Carolina and found this one and thought we would check it out," Lisa Mitchell, who was visiting the park with her family from Ohio, said.

But the battlefield and all other national parks across the country are in danger of closing if the President Donald Trump and Congress is unable to compromise on a government spending bill by midnight Friday.

"Please, please let's come together on this thing... Democrats, Republicans, get together on this thing and work something out," Wright said.

"Work together and figure it out," Lisa Mitchell said.

At issue are billions of dollars in funding for a wall along the US border with Mexico.

At the eleventh hour, President Trump said he would veto a bill to extend funding for 25 percent of the federal government until February because it did not include money for the wall.

"One way or another, we are going to get a wall. We're going to get a barrier," President Trump said.

The Republican-led House promptly passed a funding bill that does include the border wall funding, but Senator Mark Warner, a Democrat, told CBS 6 he believes the Senate will not support the bill.

"The next question of what next is an open question and even the Republicans who came back from the meeting at the white house have no idea what this president's rational offer would be," Warner said.

So we asked Senator Warner if Democrats would compromise in any capacity with wall funding.

"We put a billion three into the wall or border security in the bill we sent over," Warner said. "I'm in favor of additional border security but I believe we ought to use 21st century technology."

Meaning nearly 400,000 government workers could be sent home without pay and our national parks may close for who knows how long.

"It's silly when it comes down the grandstanding with national parks being closed and the World War II Memorial, and all those kinds of things. This is part of our history we should actually respect, and in fact is more important than whether we build a wall or when we build a wall," Lisa's husband, Kevin Mitchell, said.

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 Petersburg National Battlefield

Petersburg National Battlefield

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