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$5.4 million grant aims to fix RRHA boiler, radiator woes

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RICHMOND, Va. – Officials with the Richmond Redevelopment and Housing Authority (RRHA) announced a new initiative Sunday that aims to fix the ongoing heating issues plaguing their aging apartment complexes.

Accordingly, RRHA officials said $5.4 million from a grant provided by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development has been earmarked to fix heat and hot water-related issues.

At last check 83 RRHA apartments had no central heat due to boiler-related issues. An additional 49 apartments are experiencing partial heat loss because of malfunctioning radiators.

The agency said their top priority is restoring temps in those apartments to 68 degrees.

Officials stressed that residents should immediately call 804-780-8700 if their heat goes out.

"Calling this number allows RRHA to prioritize the complaint," officials said. "Loss of heat receives the highest priority and it allows RRHA to track progress in making repairs until the job is done."

WTVR CBS 6 has reported on a number of issues, including heating problems, for a number of years.

Last winter, residents in 20 Fairfield Court apartments lost heat when a boiler broke in February. In that case a new boiler was installed in March.

Then in January roughly 50 families in Creighton Court were without heat, and subsequently RRHA opted to replace that building's heating system.

The same thing happened in November of 2017 in Gilpin Court and affected more than 300 units.

Below is an overview of "Public Housing Family Developments" with number of units and dates of construction, according to RRHA's website.

  • Afton Avenue -- 40 units (1980)
  • Bainbridge -- 18 units (1971)
  • Creighton Court -- 504 units (1952)
  • Fairfield Court -- 447 units (1958)
  • Fulton -- 64 units (1980)
  • Gilpin Court -- 783 units (1942 / 1957 / 1970)
  • Hillside Court -- 402 units (1952)
  • Mosby Court -- 458 units (1962 / 1970)
  • Overlook and Mimosa -- 30 units (1986)
  • Overlook and Mimosa -- 10 units (1976)
  • Randolph Apartments -- 52 units (1984)
  • Whitcomb Court -- 447 units (1958)


Longtime WTVR CBS 6 reporter and commentator Mark Holmberg delved into the hidden history of Richmond's public housing neighborhoods in an April 2017 report. Click here to take a look. 

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