☃️Family builds 21-foot tall snowman in Prince George

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PRINCE GEORGE COUNTY, Va. -- A tradition that began as a family competition ended with a 21-foot tall snowman in Prince George County.

Jason Smith said that members of his family first tried to beat each other by building the largest snowman.

However, after a while their passion morphed into a team project with the goal of building a massive snowman.

After Sunday’s historic snowfall, the family quickly got to work.

“My intention was to beat the one we built two years ago, which was 18-foot,” Smith said. "We're already talking about the next snow. We’re debating about trying to go 25 for the next one, so we’re trying to discuss how to get the snow up that high.”

Smith sent WTVR CBS 6 photos of the three-day construction process and Photojournalist Chris Munnings took SKY 6 to survey the scene on Wednesday.

Jason Smith sent us some pictures of the snowman and we decided to send our sky six drone to capture the true scale of the sculpture.

The family utilized wood scaffolding and sleds in order to get the snow high enough to pile on top of the structure.

Smith said it also took a lot of hot chocolate and snacks to keep children and grandchildren motivated to finish the massive project.

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