Richmond teachers, students star in parody video fighting for more funding

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RICHMOND, Va., -- A Richmond school teacher released a parody video Tuesday with hopes of raising more funds and resources for Virginia's struggling school system.

Juliane Codd Toce, an educator at Binford Middle School, starred in and wrote "Won't Fund You."

The catchy five minute long video uploaded to Youtube and Facebook was based on Cee Lo Green's hit song "Forget You."

"I’m not askin' to afford a Ferrar, just need some trauma informed care. Smaller class size, not a safari ‘cause the way we’re treatin’ these kids ain’t fair," Codd Toce sang.

The teacher, who's spent five years at Richmond Public Schools and two years at Binford Middle School, believed state leaders can help fix basic needs like school supplies and full-time nurses.

"We have to do silly stuff like this, beg people for money, and borrow things from other people and pay for things out of pocket," Codd Toce described. "Just the first semester I spend 600 dollars of my own money just buying basic supplies

The same day Toce's video was released, Virginia Governor Ralph Northam announced plans to introduce budget amendments that would lead to $268 million in new investments in K-12 public education.

The amendment package includes pay raises for teachers and money to help school districts pay for building construction.

"$270 million is a good start but we are also asking for an adequate number of custodians, a full time social worker, a full time," she stated. "I would be fine with the amount I'm getting paid if I had the things I needed to do my job."

The Governor will have to convince Republican leadership, who control the two major budget committees in the General Assembly, that the numbers work.  Northam addresses the Joint Money Committees on December 18.

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