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Children around Richmond celebrate a snowy day off school: ‘It’s awesome’

RICHMOND, Va. -- Nobody loves snow like children do.

“Oh it's awesome, we get to miss school too,” T, a fourth grader at St. Christopher’s told CBS 6.

Free from the confines of the classroom and in awe of the beautiful white blanket coating their Wilton neighborhood, T and his buddies built forts and threw snowballs.

Their laughter and sheer joy would cheer even the dreariest of souls.

“After this we're going to go sledding with some of our other friends,” T said.

At Forest Hill Park kids from all over the region took to the slopes relishing their first snow day of the school year.

“It’s awesome, I love when it snows every year,” a Robious Middle School student told us.

“We did not have school. It’s really awesome,” a fourth grader at St. Catherine’s added.

Even Melissa Hipolit at CB S6 was offered a sled, and returned to her childhood for a brief moment before she collapsed in a heap in the snow.

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