Armed with sledgehammer, burglar breaks into barbershop to rob pawn shop next door

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RICHMOND, Va. -- He broke into a barber shop, but it wasn't for a bald fade.

Instead, a thief took almost an hour early Tuesday to smash through a wall, before loading up a duffle bag with stolen goods from a neighboring pawn shop.

Armed with a  sledgehammer, he went from a back office door into the main showroom and went to work on the pawn shop display cases.

"A lot of coins, diamonds, jewelry,” said Kemal Ogru, who owns the pawn shop. “I had a Red Sox 2004 championship ring that was 10-karat gold that he took."

As Ogru watched his surveillance video a day later, he said you could tell it was a race against time, as the burglar shoved the loot into his duffle bag. "Three minutes in the store. It pissed me off bad."

Right around the three-minute mark, the crook took off out the back door, with his burglary tools and stolen goods in tow.

"It takes your heart out,” said Ogru. “All these years you are doing something and feel accomplished, and someone takes it in three minutes. It hurts”

Ashland Police are investigating.

And even though the man is wearing a mask, police want you to take a look at how he walks and what tools he has to see if you recognize him.

"The man spent 45 minutes cutting a hole next door," said Ogru, shaking his head.

Ogru has owned his business for 12 years. He said after security system upgrades, he thought he'd never see a loss again. "I'm shocked it happened," he said.

Crime Insider say that a K-9 tracked the man’s scent near the woods behind the building.

If you have any information, call police.

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