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Louisa gas leak remains a mystery: ‘Very disconcerting for everybody’

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LOUISA, Va. -- Working on her day off, Moriah Jones tries to make up for the income she lost last week.

“Single mom. I need every shift I can get,” Jones said.

The restaurant where she works, Obrigado, closed for a-day-and-a-half last week when the Town of Louisa found an unidentified gas in the water at Walgreens and other locations nearby.

“It is obviously a concern,” Jones said.

On Thursday, the town also took the drastic step of evacuating people living and working in a half a mile radius around the Glen Mayre shopping center as the gas level neared the level of creating an explosion.

“It was a day and a half of loss which is quite a bit,” Jones said.

But by Friday, officials said testing by the state health department found the water meets all standards

“Everything seems fine. I haven't noticed any different smells,” Jones said.

Still, that was four days ago, and County Administrator Christian Goodwin said Monday that the source of the gas has not been found.

“That’s very disconcerting for everybody around here because if they haven't identified the source we don't know what is going on exactly,” Jones said.

The county administrator said the system is being continuously monitored and if anything out of the ordinary is detected they will take immediate action, but concerns about the water linger over the town.

“Yeah, it's scary,” Emily Carpenter said.

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