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Teen loses license minutes after passing driver’s test

Nothing lasts forever — and a German teenager has learned that lesson the hard way, by losing his driving license just 49 minutes after passing his test.

The 18-year-old, who was apparently celebrating his achievement by driving four of his friends around, was clocked traveling at almost twice the speed limit less than an hour after his test, police said.

He had his short-lived license revoked for four weeks, and will have to have more training sessions behind the wheel.

The teenager was also hit with a 200 euro ($228) fine, after being caught traveling at 95 kilometers per hour in a 50 kph zone in the Märkischer Kreis region.

“Some things hold for eternity… some not even an hour,” German police said in a statement on their Facebook page.

They also speculated that the driver was trying to impress his fellow passengers.

Some commenters on the post reveled in the irony of the situation, while others questioned whether he should have been given a license in the first place.

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