Virginia State Police wants your help to name their new K-9 recruits

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RICHMOND, Va. – Two 9-week-old Bloodhound pups are the newest recruits for the Virginia State Police K-9 unit.

The male and a female were recently donated to Virginia State Police where they'll be trained to become search dogs beginning in March 2019.

Now, State Police is calling on the community to help them name the new recruits.

You can go to the Virginia State Police Facebook page or Twitter page and leave your suggestion in the comment section using the hashtag #NameAK9.

The department says they do not name canines after fallen troopers.

One reason being the emotional impact it could have on active personnel who knew or worked with the dog’s namesake.

“VSP currently has six Bloodhounds that serve as search dogs throughout Virginia. Since they have the ability to distinguish between scents, these dogs are great trackers and can assist law enforcement with locating missing persons or tracking suspects. They're valuable members of our team,” State Police wrote on Facebook.

For now, the K-9 Unit will teach the pups the basics like following after people and obedience.

Commenting and voting will close at 5 p.m. on November 25, 2018.

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