Man convicted in Fredericksburg sexual assault being investigated for similar attack

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FREDERICKSBURG, Va. -- Jeffrey Johnson was sentenced Wednesday to three life sentences plus seven years, with all but 25 years suspended, for a violent sexual assault in Fredericksburg.

Now, Spotsylvania deputies confirm the 50-year-old may have committed similar crimes in their jurisdiction, as well.

In December 2016 Johnson walked into the 7-Eleven on Amaret Street in Fredericksburg. He made small talk with a clerk before suddenly assaulting her, sodomizing her, and only stopping because customers walked in.

Johnson's victim in Fredericksburg says he confronted her and said, "I wanted you before and you ignored me. I’m going to get it this time."

Johnson then pulled a knife and threatened to slit the woman's throat if she failed to comply with his sexual demands.

After pleading guilty to six charges as a part of a plea agreement, Johnson was sentenced to three life sentences plus seven years, with all but 25 years suspended.

Jeffrey Johnson

Crime Insider sources now believe Spotsylvania prosecutors will take a turn at trying to convict Johnson and putting him away for the rest of his life.

"Spotsylvania came and let us know what was going on,” said Brittany Robinson, who works in Spotsylvania.

Almost a year after the Fredericksburg sexual assault, Spotsylvania deputies believe he robbed and raped another woman inside a business at the Plank Road Plaza.

"It made me nervous,” said Robinson. “It made me more aware of my surroundings.

She said news of Johnson’s conviction was a relief.

"I'm glad that they caught who was doing it. I feel safer now that he's off the streets," said Johnson.

Crime Insider sources say the Spotsylvania crimes will most likely be taken to a grand jury for indictments.

The two female victims no longer work at the businesses where they were allegedly attacked.

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