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Winter is coming: Is your car ready?

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RICHMOND, Va. -- Drivers have been dropping off their cars at the AAA car care center on Boulevard in Richmond, just to make sure they’re prepared to hit the road this winter.

Winter Storm Watch is in effect for western Virginia as a nor’easter is expected to develop Wednesday night and move through the area through Thursday. Significant ice accumulations and some minor snow accumulations are likely. This event will be a cold rain for Richmond.

"Blankets maybe an extra hat and gloves if you find yourself stranded on the roadside in the cold, because those are certainly some things that can help keep you warm," AAA spokesperson Tammy Arnette said.

The group is encouraging drivers to be prepared. That means having a first aid kit , reflectors, flash light, bottled water and snacks inside your car at all times.

"Have some abrasive material [for traveling on icy roads], something that’s really good for that is kitty litter and can help for your vehicle," she said. "If you find yourself stuck in the snow in the future, if you don’t have that with you -- you can actually use your car mats as well."


AAA car care manager Brent Stegner  said now was the time to make sure your vehicles are  ready to perform this winter.

"Check your batteries," he said. "When it’s cold outside that’s when it’s going to let you down. A second thing is your anti-freeze, you need to make sure your anti-freeze is at the right temperature usually a 50-50 mix."

And don’t forget to test your windshield wipers and tires to make sure they’re working correctly.

"Check your wiper blades look for torn edges dry rotted rubber missing edges," he said.  "The alignment the tread depth cut some snags in bruises in the tire any nails are in the tires."

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