State Board of Elections report ‘minor hiccups’ at the polls

RICHMOND, Va. -- Thousands around the Commonwealth hit the polls Tuesday morning, but not without some issues.

At a State Board of Elections update Tuesday morning, Commissioner Christopher Piper said so far the election was off to a smooth start with some minor 'hiccups.'

One of the main issues he mentioned was at Western Branch Middle School in Chesapeake, where the first 10 to 15 voters got a ballot for the fourth district rather than the third. He said those ballots were put into a box to be recounted at the end of the night.

Another issue arose in Chesterfield -- where Piper said one of the polling locations opened late -- at 6:45 a.m. rather than the scheduled 6 a.m. start time.

But Piper said some minor hiccups are to be expected on election day and he wouldn't change anything for the next election.

"I would say overall it’s been a good start. Every election we have typical issues, but they’ve been handled incredibly professionally by the registrars and the staff here. I would say overall it’s been a very smooth start," said Piper.

CBS 6 received several calls from voters who ran into some other problems Tuesday morning.

At one of the largest precincts, John Rolfe Middle School, the only scanner used to scan ballots broke.

The assistant chief of the precinct said they had to put those ballots in an emergency box until two replacement scanners arrived.

She said that went on for a little under an hour. Voters who showed up shortly after the scanners were replaced said everything was back up and running smoothly.

"We went in this morning to vote. Make sure you exercise that right. Great experience, swift, no long lines, machines, and everything was working properly. So it was a good experience this morning," said one voter, Karen Twyman.

"I loved it. I was in and out in less than five minutes," said another voter, Rex Huff Jr.

Another issue that got taken care of quickly: at Celebration Church in Chesterfield, a voting machine was jammed.

Officials said that only lasted for several minutes before they were able to get it back up in running.

Piper said people who run into issues at the polls can file a complaint here.

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