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RICHMOND, Va. – Richmond resident Toni Scarborough never imagined things would end so tragically for her 9-pound chihuahua Missy.

A few weeks ago, she says she took Missy out to play. She said she stepped inside her E 15th street home for a second to grab missy some water.

“I didn’t even make it halfway to get the water. When I came back, I ran to the door and it was two dogs and I ran back to get the footstool,” said Scarborough. “I hit one of them. Then the other one tried to attack me, and I ran back in the house. My daughter grabbed missy.

They rushed her to a local vet, where she later died.

Scarborough says the two dogs who attacked missy were boxers

Toni Scarborough

“They were killers. Vicious dogs. Please, somebody please come forth and help me,” she pleaded.

In the days since the attack, Scarborough has been overcome with emotions and overwhelmed by a vet bill that she is struggling to pay.

She reached out to CBS 6 Problem Solvers to share her story.

“I want everyone to be aware of what happened to Missy and also I want the owner to come forth because I’ve had Missy for ten years and that was my heart, that was my company and these dogs are vicious."

Residents of the South Richmond neighborhood tell CBS 6 dogs roaming around in their community is a huge problem.

Desperate, Scarborough says she’s keeping in contact with Richmond Animal Care and Control, hoping for news that the dogs have been found.


When they do, she says she will push for them to be added to Virginia’s dangerous dog registry.

“We have a lot of vicious dogs around here and we got kids around here and it’s not safe,” Scarborough added.

By Virginia code, a dog can be deemed dangerous if it attacks or kills a companion animal or person. A court could also order a dangerous dog’s owner to pay restitution for damages to a person or pet.

If you can help animal control officers find those dogs, you are urged to give them a call.

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