Football coach accused of embezzling $5,000 from high school

Teenagers caught breaking into shooting range may be connected to other break ins

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RICHMOND, Va. -- Three teenagers were arrested early Friday morning after breaking into the Dominion Shooting Range and attempting to make off with duffel bags full of guns, according to Crime Insider sources,

Sources say that several businesses in the area have been broken into, each time by thieves coming in through the roof.

At the shooting range, a silent alarm during the break-in triggered a quick response from Chesterfield Police who spotted two suspects on the roof and a third jumping down.

The teens, two 17-year-olds and one 14-year-old were arrested - and now more cases are being connected.

Sources tell Crime Insider Jon Burkett that the same group of kids is suspected of breaking into a nearby Golden Corral in the early morning hours of October 29. According to those sources, the teens tried to break into the safe and leave the building with a Boston butt and some candy according.

But the gun attempt four days later is what's most concerning to Sherry McCray.

"They get into the hands of the wrong people and then you know what happens. If you can't go into a store and get the gun registered then there's a problem."

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