“200 Beds for 200 Kids” Event

RICHMOND, Va. - The local non-profit organization Bridging RVA hosts several events during the year to give back to the community. One of those annual events, “150 Beds for 150 Kids,” has been upgraded this year to “200 Beds for 200 Kids” because the need is so great. Lee Ann Sawyer, Executive Director of Bridging RVA, and board member Ellen Thornhill, are here to tell us more about that event and how you can get involved. The event is Saturday, October 20th from 8:30am-2:30pm at the Old Staples Building in the Arboretum. To learn more, and to sign up to volunteer for the initiative, you can go towww.bridgingrva.com. You can also make a donation, including new sheets and blankets. 

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