Police: Road rage leads to shooting

Petersburg man mourns family members killed in New York limo crash: ‘Its heart wrenching’

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PETERSBURG, Va. — Long time Petersburg resident Ron Flock lost two family members in the deadly limo crash in New York that took 20 lives.

All 17 passengers were killed, as well as the driver and two pedestrians. The 17 birthday party guests included Newlyweds, young couples and four sisters.

The limo wasn’t even supposed to be on the road after failing inspection. In addition, the driver of the limo did not have the appropriate commercial driver’s license.

“It is frustrating,” said Flock. I’ve learned more about limos and how they are regulated and how all that could be allowed to happen to begin with… It’s anger.

Flock’s cousin, Rob Dyson and his wife Mary, left behind a three-year-old son, Isaac.

Ron Flock

“I just feel so sorry for him,” said Flock. “It is going to be a long life for this kid.”

A GoFundMe page to raise money for little Isaac has raised more than $46,000.

“To see my friends, give money, I’m just grateful for the relationships that we’ve built,” Flock explained through tears.

As the federal investigation continues into what went wrong that night, multiple families and communities continue to grieve.

“Something everybody should remember is to take the time to see your family. There are 20 ppl with no next time, and its heart wrenching,” Flock said, holding back tears.

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