Police identify tree worker killed in Chesterfield

Off-duty Chesterfield Police officer rescues stranded driver in Powhatan

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POWHATAN COUNTY, Va. — As flood waters rose outside of the Dorset Market on Genito Road, several Good Samaritans rushed to help stranded drivers.

Torrential downpours quickly flooded Genito and Dorset Roads as the aftermath of Hurricane Michael pounded Central Virginia Thursday afternoon.

Drivers who felt it was unsafe to drive sought refuge at one of the only gas stations for miles in Dorset.

However, Robin Michael found herself stuck in a ditch outside of the market with floodwaters quickly filling her car.

“I was pulling in for a minute because I couldn’t see. I wanted to stop for a few minutes and that was probably a mistake,” Michael recalled.

Without hesitation, the unnamed off-duty Chesterfield Police officer, who was on his way home from work, rushed to her aid.

“The police officer came out towards me and started telling me, ‘get out the car get out the car’ and I couldn’t open the door,” Michael described.

The officer, while standing in waist deep water, pulled the grandmother from the driver’s side window.

Michael believed her car may be totaled because of the flood waters, but credits the officer with helping her reach dry land.

“I just thank God my kids or my grandkids weren't in the car,” she said.

There were multiple reports of trees that fell on cars and homes throughout Powhatan, according to a deputy.

As of 9:30pm, a dispatcher said there haven’t been any major accidents or injuries.


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