Warm up this fall with these cozy Richmond coffees

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RICHMOND, Va. — It happened. We got a couple of cool days and my brain went into hot beverage mode. Lattes, cappuccinos, give me all of them. I’m almost always with coffee in hand, so when there’s a creative take on my favorite beverage – I pay attention.

Where to go to get a good local and creative coffee drink in town:

Tucked in on 8th Street in downtown Richmond is an adorable little coffee shop, Seftons Coffee Company. Not only do they roast their own beans, but they have solid latte game.

A couple of favorites are the Lemon Latte — It has round, coffee flavors and a bold, almost spicy finish. If you’re opposed to citrus in your morning cup, try their Moringa Latte. You’ve probably heard of matcha, the green pick-me-up tea (usually in powder form) that everyone touts as amazing. Moringa is also green, but made from tree leaves. It has super powers like high in fiber, contains all nine essential amino acids, and is loaded with protein as well as vitamins A, C, and E.

Sefton’s Coffee Co
24 North 8th Street

In the Museum District, BlackHand Coffee, also a coffee bean roaster, has my number with their Dirty Chai Latte. Their dirty chai is two shots of espresso and chai tea powder and milk — whatever kind you’re into. Chai is a spiced black tea with origins in India. When mixed with coffee, it lends a deep, rich flavor and texture. The added milk adds a restorative property perfect for chilly fall days and a solid alternative to hot chocolate if you’re looking for something with a little less sugar.

BlackHand Coffee
3101 Patterson Avenue

Not feeling dairy, soy or a nut milk? Try Lamplighter or Saison Market for your next cup of joe. Both are carrying Oat Milk for your coffee enjoyment. Oat Milk is a choice for anyone who is allergic/intolerant to dairy and/or nuts. It’s low in saturated fats and and higher in fiber than your other milks. At Lamplighter, use it in their Lavender Latte. Floral and bright, it’s a unique way to showcase Lamplighter’s coffee beans. Or hit your mocha (with house-made mocha sauce) with oat at Saison Market.

Lamplighter Coffee
1719 Summit Avenue
26 N Morris Street
116 S Addison Street

Saison Market
323 N Adams Street

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