Family of man killed after tornado collapses building: ‘A lot of people are going to miss Ronnie’

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CHESTERFIELD COUNTY, Va. -- As people throughout metro-Richmond rushed down to basements to seek shelter from tornadoes sweeping through the region on Monday,  60-year-old Ronnie Bishop was working inside the Old Dominion Floor warehouse.

Around 3:30 p.m., the warehouse was struck by an EF-2 tornado and was immediately reduced to rubble.

"Ronnie was telling people to get out of the building and he was trying to get out of the building and just could not get far enough to where, I mean if he had 3 to 6 feet either direction, who knows what would have happened," Ronnie's nephew Doug Bishop said.

Ronnie did not survive the building collapse, and his brother would stay on site until his body was recovered.

"That's a brother, what do you say other than that I guess, that's unbreakable," Doug said.

On the day following his uncle's death, Doug shared memories of his uncle's life, a life marked by smiles, funny jokes and loving relationships with his nephew.

"Good times, so many Saturdays," Doug said, reflecting on one particular weekend when his uncle gifted him his Grandfather's keychain and knife. "That's such a small thing but that just tells you the type heart he had," Doug said.

Now these memories will forever honor Ronnie Bishop. "A lot of people are going to miss Ronnie, he was a great man, he was a funny man," Doug said.

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