Fisherman in Colonial Heights reels in grenade

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COLONIAL HEIGHTS, Va. -- Gordon Walters cast a line in the water Wednesday and got quite a surprise.

He was magnet-fishing off a pier on the Appomattox in Roslyn Landing Park when he connected with something heavy and started reeling it in.

He said it looked like a live grenade with its pull-pin still included.

It triggered a call to 9-1-1 and the Virginia State Police bomb squad. Colonial Heights Police Department evacuated the park around 7 p.m.

Crime Insider sources say State Police will dispose of the device that Walters said looked like a live round. "I pulled it in,” he said. “It was heavy and it was a grenade. I feel thankful and relieved it didn't go off, but it's good that I found it because no one got hurt."

Walters says he has magnet-fished several times, pulling in knives, bait weights and other metal.

He said the grenade was by far the most bizarre and scariest thing he's pulled from the river.

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