Zach Daniel’s tour of Storm Rider 6: ‘You can see everything’

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WTVR CBS 6 is proud to unveil our latest tool to bring you complete weather coverage: Storm Rider 6

The specially equipped four-wheel drive vehicle features the latest technology to track storms.

CBS 6 Chief Meteorologist Zach Daniel said finding a vehicle that could get the team to any kind of weather, from deep snow to off-roading during severe weather to trekking  to the beach during a hurricane, was critical in choosing a design for Storm Rider 6.

Storm Rider 6 -- Keeping You Ahead of the Storm

Storm Rider 6 -- Keeping You Ahead of the Storm

“We came up with Ford F-250 Super Duty," Daniel explained. "It’s got extra clearance underneath and then big, over-sized, all terrain tires… and winch that can get us out of trouble – or help anybody else we might come across during inclement weather.”

The vehicle is equipped with three, high-resolution cameras to capture video from all angles, because "once we get to the storm, the goal is for you to see what we’re seeing,” Daniel said.

Accordingly, two cameras are mounted inside the truck's cab and a third 360-degree camera is mounted on the roof of Storm Rider 6.

“The third camera is my favorite,” Daniel said. “We can rotate that all the way around so that you can see everything that is going on.”

Additionally, Storm Rider 6 is equipped with its own “weather head” to gather current weather information. It also has a satellite XM link to access current radar and storm tracking capabilities.

The truck also has a 40-inch flat screen monitor that can be utilized to show CBS 6 Weather Authority graphics like you see on TV and on school and community visits.

Watch for Storm Rider 6 weekdays on CBS 6 News and Storm Rider 6 is the Weather Authority's latest tool to provide complete weather coverage. Last year, WTVR unveiled the CBS 6 Backyard Weather Center, which offers viewers a real-time look at weather conditions with reality graphics. The picturesque garden setting also includes a vegetable patch, so folks can stay current on the growing season. 


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