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Flavorful Skirt Steak

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RICHMOND, Va. - Chef Steven Sowell from Hounds Tale restaurant in Williamsburg fired up the grill in our backyard weather garden and showed us how to create his Skirt Steak Romesco with Chimichurri and Porchetta. For more information you can

Porchetta feeds 12


- garlic 2oz

-shallots 6oz

-oregano 4oz

-parsley 4oz

-cilantro 4oz

-Fennel .5 oz


-lemon juice

-salt and pepper

1 Pork Belly 8 lb

2 Pork tenderlion

2 tbls Mustard

10 slices bacon

Skirt Steak Feeds 4

-Chimichurri Recipe above

2oz Diced Potatoes

2oz Shredded Brussel Sprouts

2oz Mushrooms your choice we use shiitake and oyster


8 Roma tomatoes

1 bunch basil

1 Red onions

2 Red peppers

1 cup sherry vinegar with blending

2 Cup EVOO

2 oz smoked paprika after cooking

Place all ingredients into large pan and cook on high heat.  Once charred toss and add smoked paprika

Blend in vita mix until smooth with Sherry Vinegar

2 Skirt Steak 16 oz ea

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